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Well it all started with downloads. You would download your favorite tv show and once you’ve waited a good few hours to get the entire file you would finally be able to play it on your computer. The only problem was that sometimes these files would be very big and people in countries with slower internet were suffering from it. That is when streaming tv online started to take off. People could come to the website and watch their favorite show without having to download it first. They could simply download as the movie played and it worked out swell. Nowadays there is a lot of competition online and people are looking for the best of the best to watch their shows on which is where Stream Tuner comes into play. You can watch your favorite shows only here at without commercials or disturbance.

A couple of clicks of the mouse and you’ll be streaming in no time. But how do you know we aren’t just shooting blanks or blowing smoke? Well you’ll have to try us out and see what you think. We have numerous tutorials which guide you step by step on how to watch tv shows with us for free. These are videos made by either fans or our admins. We’ve taken the time to explain how everything works and we even made you tutorials on how to use the system so what are you waiting for? Go get um! Well if your still reading this then that would mean you’re either really interested in learning more or you’d like to get ahold of us. The best way to get a hold of us is to contact us through our Facebook page which you can find at the top of our website. We do our best to get to all of the Facebook messages but if for some odd reason we have not responded within 24 hours please feel free to send a follow up message to us on Facebook. Now you know how to stream tv online so please give us a whirl and check us out. We are very hospitable so approach us and we’ll get to talking. Thank you